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SXSWedu 2016

MOOCs & Teacher PD: Mindless Snack or Hearty Fare?

In our rapidly changing times, K-12 teachers are more in need of quality professional development (PD) resources than ever before. We know that a significant proportion of MOOC-takers are teachers, however, we know little else. How many are taking MOOCs for PD? Are they refreshing their knowledge, looking for materials to use in their classroom, observing teaching techniques, interacting with others? Is completion and/or certification an important goal, and are they receiving CEUs?

The panelists will bring their insights and perspectives on these topics--you bring the questions. The overall goal is to foster discussion on how MOOCs can be better utilized to serve educator PD needs.

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  1. To share what we know about how teachers are utilizing MOOCs for PD today, and the efforts of providers to offer relevant content/experiences
  2. To bring up or refine ideas on how MOOCs can better serve PD needs, via content selection, features or services, communications, etc.
  3. To discuss how MOOCs can be better incorporated into the PD ecosystem, including the role of certifications/CEUs, fees, district-level support, etc.



Charlie Chung, Chief Editor, Class Central

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