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SXSW Interactive 2016

VR Porn: Future Is Upon Us, What’s Next?

This session will examine Virtual Reality’s near to mid-term impact on the future of adult entertainment. Topics will include ways in which content producers can meet the demand for this material, as well as the considerations of corporate policy makers and how they will influence the growth and availability of adult VR content, and the potential market response to these challenges. VR's impact on specific adult entertainment market segments will be examined and the state of the art revealed through a review of current VR offerings.

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  1. How will Virtual Reality affect adult entertainment production and consumption?
  2. What are the policy implications of porn’s availability on this new platform?
  3. Which adult entertainment markets (recorded video, live cams, etc.) will benefit most from VR?



Stephen Yagielowicz, Sr Editor, XBIZ

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