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SXSW Interactive 2013

The Future Of The Book

Social Media has transformed the way ideas and information are spread. It has turned the media industry into a two way conversation that hundreds of millions of people across the globe are participating in. Books are the last old media industry to go digital - and now that ebooks are on the rise, the way that books are made and marketed is completely changing. Will social transform the book like it has other media? What will that look like?

Social Media expert and bestselling author Chris Brogan conducts a Q&A with Otis Chandler (founder & CEO of Goodreads) and Tim Sanders (co-founder of Net Minds, former Yahoo CSO) about the future of the book from production to discovery to consumption. This panel will reveal provocative insights about the future of the publishing industry, and how it will intersect with the interactive and mobile industries. Attendees will get a glimpse into publishing in 2015 and beyond, and learn how to produce and promote books.

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  1. Will social transform the book like it has other media?
  2. With distribution now happening digitally, getting people to read a book (aka marketing it) is every authors biggest problem. How can authors build a following on social media? What tools and tricks should they be using?
  3. How are big data and semantic databases being applied to publishing?
  4. Does everyone have a book in them? Should they tell the story or leave the story-telling to the professionals?
  5. How does mobile factor into publishing? Learn about some of html5's breakthrough capabilities being applied to books.



Otis Chandler, CEO, Goodreads, Inc

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  • Tags: publishing, books
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Content and Distribution
  • Level: Intermediate
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