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The Common Core: Defend, Bury, or Transform?

For over twenty five years, the US has made academic standards a key component of K-12 reform, and is now five years into a multi-billion dollar effort to revamp K-12 learning through the Common Core. However, that effort is under attack from the left and right, and faces a new challenge in the form of parental opt-outs from testing. Join us for a debate about whether to defend the Common Core, bury it, or transform it into something better.

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  1. Does Common Core narrow curricula, hinder individualized learning, infantilize teachers, and suck the joy from learning?
  2. Does Common Core set needed evidence-based standards for what students should know to succeed in college and the workforce?
  3. Is Common Core the basis of something good that we should transform into something better?



Jillian Youngblood, VP of Insights, Noodle

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