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Demystifying coding for elementary students

Attendees will be exposed to a wide range of ICT resources, including EducationCity’s 'Code Crunch Tool'. They will be encouraged to participate in a series of short, scaffolded lessons aimed at introducing computing, including coding, to K-5 students. These bite-size lessons will allow delegates to explore examples which model how to introduce computing to the elementary student. By the end of the workshop they will have a deeper understanding of computing and have a range of proven strategies to use in the elementary classroom.

Learning Objectives

  1. To be able to define and differentiate between the three core computing strands of digital literacy, information technology and computer science.
  2. Learn how to introduce complex concepts in simple to understand bite-size lessons for students age 5-11.
  3. Understand how to integrate computing into the elementary classroom and how to overcome the technical language barriers.



Robin Ball, Head of Content & Curriculum, EducationCity Ltd

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