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AAA for Everyone – Deep Dive With Unity 4

Unity 4 demonstrates the platform's AAA push that levels the playing field between the largest and the smallest studios, enabling anyone from the most indie game designer to the biggest multinational AAA studios to develop amazing groundbreaking games, and effortlessly deploy to multiple platforms.

This session will take an in-depth look at development with Unity 4 and the new opportunities for game development. Topics will include: Mecanim - groundbreaking character animation technology and how to bring characters to life in a few mouse clicks with incredibly fluid and natural motion; Visual Fidelity and AAA Rendering; Linux Publishing

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  1. What is and who is Unity?
  2. How does Unity 4.0 help game developers?
  3. How do you create multi-platform games?
  4. How to optimize your games?
  5. How to get your hands on Unity?



Heather Miller, PR, Unity Technologies

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