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Coding in the Classroom: A Template for All Ages

Programming is no longer a higher education skill. It is an important skill that can and should be taught at all grade levels. Attendees will learn a variety of effective strategies and effective tools that will support them to teach their students the core programming concepts they need. They will also learn how coding can be used to teach subjects ranging from math, to physics, art and writing. Finally, attendees will learn about a programming continuum that outlines the major programming concepts used to create paths for successful teaching and learning.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn a variety of tools and strategies to identify learner needs and teach your students core programming concepts.
  2. Discover how to utilize coding to deepen understandings within subjects ranging from math, to physics, art and writing.
  3. Walk away with a programming continuum of major programming concepts to help assess and develop your learners' paths to becoming skilled coders



Kristopher Velez, R&D Assoc, American School of Bombay

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