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The Automotive Singularity is Not Near

Technology offers safer driving experiences and more customization than ever; but what will happen to the feeling of freedom driving down an open road, wind in your hair, your hand on the wheel? Not everyone is willing to give up control and freedom for potential safety, cost savings and convenience. Futurist and driving enthusiast Heather Schlegel is skeptical. In this panel she brings outlaw cross-country racer and surprise autonomous car advocate Alex Roy, Envisioneering Research Director Richard Doherty and Jalopnik editor, Damon Lavrinc to discuss the power and limits of augmented driving technologies.

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  1. What will we lose and gain from the driving experience when we switch to autonomous driving cars?
  2. What might we expect in the interim transition when autonomous cars are operated by both humans and machines?
  3. While autonomous cars solve many problems we have today, what new problems and unintended consequences might they bring?



Heather Schlegel, Futurist/Social Scientist, The Purple Tornado

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