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Serving a Purpose That Can't be Ordered on a Menu


Restaurants are more than just hot new places to dine, they are a means for uniting community and creating memories. They are also part of an industry with massive growth, generating $709 billion and employing 14 million in 2015 alone. The servers, the bartenders, the dishwashers…collectively, they ensure that the restaurant industry thrives and expands, all the while having little health coverage, erratic hours and variable wages. Many of them are one accident or illness away from not being able to provide for their families. How can we provide these workers peace of mind when the unexpected arises and invite the entire food community to participate authentically. Meet The Giving Kitchen.

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  1. How do you engage the food community to authentically support a common cause when your audiences are so different (owners, workers, foodies, agencies)
  2. How do you eliminate the barrier associated with asking for help and being served for an industry used to serving?
  3. Why is the time right for this type of startup nonprofit to take hold and for restaurant workers to support other restaurant workers?



Stephanie Galer, Exec Dir, The Giving Kitchen

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