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Biology of Weight: What Men Need to Lose the Gut

What if the biologic differences between men and women determined their body weight?
Men’s wealth has been especially beat up by the recession, but men’s health has suffered even more. Most of the recent rise in US obesity has been in men, from 27% in 1999 to nearly 35% in 2010. Only one of 20 weight loss studies have studied men exclusively.
Overweight men’s testosterone is literally being turned into estrogen. Men’s weight--and the back pain, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer, high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction that come with it-- isn’t getting the attention it deserves and both men and women should demand.
This session will describe this health crisis; ways to boost testosterone and growth hormone levels naturally through simple steps in sleep, mindset, exercise and a novel, beta-tested (data presented to include group text-response and online video) dietary approach; and ways for men and women to communicate more clearly about health.

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John La Puma, Physician, Man Plan

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