SXSW Interactive 2016

Mapping Spacetime: Time Travel via Timeless Maps

Maps are a pretty persistent part of how we plot history, how we cartographically comprehend our present, and how might process a topographical trajectory of our future. They allow us to tell trends with data on a geospatial-sensitive canvas, making time travel possible, and geo-locally relevant.
This talk will focus on how time-sensitive maps can give us insights into our past and our future; how open source tools like Torque.JS and the integration of satellite time-series imagery into contemporary web maps can redefine how we relate to time, showcasing maps as an ideal format for building beautiful visualizations that compliment a narrative arc of spacetime proportions.

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  1. How can you use maps to fuse geospatial and time-series data in cohesive visualizations?
  2. What open source tools are available to support spacetime mapping?
  3. How can maps tell stories from space?


  • Aurelia Moser, Map Scientist, CartoDB


Aurelia Moser, Map Scientist, CartoDB

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