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SXSWedu 2016

Can Hip Hop Save Us? Youth & School Culture Panel

Regardless of one’s nationality, ethnicity, and/or social class, everyone is familiar with, and has knowledge of, hip hop. Yet, hip hop culture, which is youth culture, is stigmatized, marginalized and prohibited from school settings. If youth culture is deemed irrelevant, does that affect their academic achievement and their self worth? Is there a correlation to the high school graduation rate? Curated by Urban Arts Partnership, this panel includes teachers, professors, and popular rappers where we pose this essential question: Can hip hop’s presence in social media and pop culture be leveraged to prepare students for careers and college?

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  1. Participants will examine the relationship between youth culture and school culture
  2. Participants will delve deeply into the definitions of culturally responsive pedagogy and growth mindset and it's impact on communities of color
  3. Participants will explore strategies to engage students of all ages in and out of the classroom to build community and close the achievement gap.


  • James Miles, Fresh Professor, Urban Arts Partnership
  • Mike Render, MC, Run the Jewels
  • Audra The Rapper, MC/Educator, Audra The Rapper
  • Brian Mooney, Teacher, Urban Arts Partnership


James Miles, Fresh Professor, Urban Arts Partnership

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