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Digital Media/Music in Africa

In recent years numerous hot, new digital musicians, hip-hop artists, and DJs are emerging from across Africa, making a mark on the global music scene. Some are based on the continent some in Europe and North America. They reflect a new generation of socially networked artists who are just as comfortable in the tough neighborhoods of Africa's biggest cities as they are performing at elite nightclubs in London or European music festivals. They blend hip-hop, house, reggae and rock with various local musical traditions from around Africa. Some of the their music addresses prescient issues like political corruption, child soldiers, and HIV/AIDS. Some of it is rhythmic, wild dance music. This panel brings together musicians, DJs, video makers, and producers to discuss why some of the most creative digital music in the world is coming out of Africa and how African artists are working with new media.

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Rab Bakari, President, CTO, Mixerpot LLC

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