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Promoting Diversity Through Project-Based Learning

High schools, colleges, and universities are working to introduce problem-based and project-based learning into curricula. We have successfully implemented a framework for identifying clients and projects from both industry and academia, mapping projects to learning objectives and students’ interests, and allowing faculty to streamline project management processes. This problem solver session will demonstrate how such a project management framework can be applied in virtually any domain, both in high school and in higher education, to promote collaboration between diverse populations. We will share our workflows, templates, documents, and personal experience with the session participants.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to create a manageable project-based learning framework
  2. Identify linkages between projects and course learning objectives
  3. Learn how to ensure quality of students’ work with iterations and frequent feedback



Dmitriy Babichenko, Professor of Practice, University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences

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