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Shaping UX When Users are at the Wheel

Online peer-to-peer marketplaces for offline services face a big UX challenge: a user's experience with the product depends greatly on the behavior of other users, not just the company. But these marketplaces will still live or die on the quality of the experiences their users have — so how can companies shape that?

Two pioneering peer-to-peer transportation marketplaces offer compelling case studies. In transportation, UX is a high-stakes matter — it's whether or not you get where you need to go, get there safely, and enjoy the ride.

John Zimmer is Co-Founder and COO of leading ridesharing services Zimride and Lyft. Jeff Miller is Co-Founder and CEO at Wheelz, the fast-growing peer-to-peer carsharing company partnered with Zipcar. In this session, they’ll dive into detail on how to build a peer-to-peer software product that connects users seamlessly while consistently offering an outstanding quality of experience on the ground and online.

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  1. What features can product designers incorporate into peer-to-peer marketplaces to shape user behavior offline?
  2. What kinds of accountability systems help police peer-to-peer marketplaces and keep quality high?
  3. How can you weave your brand throughout the user experience when much of it takes place offline between users you can't control?
  4. Do peer-to-peer networks for offline services need to vet users in person and provide on-the-ground support? How do you scale that?
  5. How do you recover when users screw up and piss off other users, reflecting poorly on your company?



Emily Castor, Lyft Community Manager, Zimride

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