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SXSWedu 2016

Ready GO! Take Innovation from Concept to Practice

Your pride yourself on staying on the forward edge of education innovation. You understand the value of constructivism AND constructionism, you promote student-driven learning, and you rock SAMR with your tech integration. You're ready to go deeper.

Join expert teachers in a series of workshops to practice advanced implementations of innovations like design thinking, project-based learning, "making," geniushour, and other mindsets. Teachers: plan specific techniques to use in your classroom, and create usable projects to push your students to greater heights of learning and creating. Developers: understand these innovations to support these effective classroom practices in your products.

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  1. Participants will share, compare, and learn specific strategies for implementing innovative teaching practices.
  2. Participants will design ready-to-use new elements to bring back to their classrooms or development offices, utilizing those innovative practices.
  3. Participants will deepen skills in the innovative practices, prepared to return to their schools or companies and teach/lead their colleagues.



Lindsey Own, Teacher, The Evergreen School

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