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Running an Hour of Code Event

The Hour of Code is a nationwide initiative during Computer Science Education Week to show students that anybody can learn computer programming. This session will demystify code to teachers and prove that anybody can learn how to run an Hour of Code event. No prior experience is necessary! Get your hands dirty by learning the basics of a visually-based programming language called 'Processing' which has been highly successful in alleviating student's intimidation of code. Spark an interest in your students and move one step closer to getting computer science in your school's core curriculum.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand what the Hour of Code is and it's purpose.
  2. Prepare yourself to run an Hour of Code event with logistically varying setups.
  3. Learn how to continue the spark of interest in Computer Science in your students and your school after the event.



Marcus Duvoisin, Ass Dir of Curriculum & Instruction, Digital Media Academy

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