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SXSW Interactive 2016

Brands Bringing The Noise: Consumer Tips From Musi

This panel, moderated by NetBase’s CMO includes global artist and entrepreneur Taylor Hanson and representatives from Pandora and Billboard, represents a cross-section of the music and entertainment industry – and experts who know what’s working, what is not working, and why. They will:
• Discuss which brands are winning, how they’re winning – and how important user-generated content has become.
• Share ways to harness consumer energy and offer actionable insight that will benefit your business and your brand.
• Speak to specific ideas, advice and data-driven approaches that will help marketers not only meet, but also exceed KPIs.

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  1. Millennials matter to brands, music and entertainment – or do they? How do Millennials exert influence and what’s their social impact on brands?
  2. How can Music and Entertainment inspire other categories to drive value via social?
  3. What are surfacing social audience changes via social for geo, psychographics, targeting and reach? And what should marketers do as a result?


  • Pernille Bruun-Jensen, CMO, NetBase
  • Taylor Hanson, Co-founder / CEO at Hanson, Hanson / 3CG Records
  • Alex White, Head of Next Big Sound at Pandora, Pandora
  • William Gruger, Associate Director of Charts/ Social & Streaming, Billboard


Pernille Bruun-Jensen, CMO, NetBase

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