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Mind the Gadget Gap: Browser-based robotics

Chrogramming is an offline app for programming using a basic Chrome browser. Using Blockly or JavaScript code and colorful tutorials to guide students to program instructions, the tool then either sends the commands to actual robots, or simulates them with the Turtle Graphics Viewer. The Chrogramming creators will walk you through typical EDU use cases in a short Playground session, illustrating CS Education via Chromebooks in spite of spotty Wifi and limited hardware resources.


  1. Successfully access, create and launch Blockly programs to move robots around
  2. Demonstrate robot pairing process using Bluetooth technology; run programs for the robot to follow with and without internet access.
  3. Identify educational resources, example projects, tutorial creation, additional input/output modules and community engagement options online.



Marten van Wezel, Distribution Lead, Google

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