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SXSW Interactive 2013

Mobile – The Next Wave in Social Fundraising

Ready to raise more money for your organization, campaign or cause? This session will teach participants how to dramatically increase their online fundraising success by strategically and creatively leveraging social media, extended social networks and the latest social fundraising technologies. Through presentation, interactive discussion and live demo, seasoned online fundraisers will learn how to: plan, execute and sustain a wildly successful social fundraising campaign; utilize the latest mobile apps to drive fundraising campaign engagement and contributions; attract new donors in effective and imaginative new ways; inspire and engage supporters and volunteers to launch their own individual social fundraising campaigns and become your best fundraisers; align organization and campaign communications to support social fundraising; measure and increase your Return on Engagement; adopt best practices from successful social fundraising campaigns, and avoid mistakes and pitfalls.

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  1. Where do I turn for help in planning, launching and executing a social fundraising campaign? What are some useful existing resources?
  2. How do I set goals for, and measure the success of, my social fundraising campaign? What is Return on Engagement, and how do I maximize my social fundraising campaign’s Return on Engagement?
  3. How do I make course corrections and adjustments if my social fundraising campaign is not initially meeting my success metrics?
  4. What are some of the most common, and unexpected, social fundraising mistakes and pitfalls to avoid?
  5. What are the most surprising, and counterintuitive, social fundraising success stories and best practices? And how can I apply these to my own social fundraising campaign?



Dave Boyce, CEO, Fundly

Meta Information:

  • Tags: fundraising
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Community and Activism
  • Level: Advanced
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