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PBS' Digital Evolution

Throughout its 40-year history, PBS has been a pioneer- taking television content to new heights, bringing audiences to the edge of the universe and back, and encouraging generations of children to imagine the vast vistas of the world around them. The media landscape has changed dramatically since PBS was founded, and PBS has evolved to meet the needs of today's digitally savvy consumers. PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger will share how PBS is finding even greater resonance and impact--both nationally and in the communities it serves-- by embracing new methods of reaching audiences through multi-platform digital video distribution, learning tools for digital natives in the classroom, and educational media resources that are on the cutting-edge of innovation.


  1. How can established companies evolve to meet the needs of today's digitally savvy consumers?
  2. What are the biggest opportunities for organizations to distinguish themselves in this media landscape?
  3. What are the lessons to be learned from PBS' digital evolution?
  4. With so many content providers in the current media environment, is public media still relevant?
  5. How can organizations leverage the power of digital media to create new revenue streams?



Jennifer Byrne, Senior Director, Media Relations, PBS

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