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SXSW Interactive 2016

Ending Apathy: Moral Coding for the Unchained IoT

More devices are connecting to the internet daily, blurring the lines between software & hardware. As manufacturing of IoT hardware continues to explode, more than 10M software developers must ensure security is at the core of their development process while rapidly responding to user demands. Since downtime is not an option for any IoT device, consumer or industrial, accelerating software delivery is critical to the success of IoT innovation. This discussion covers the central role played by app developers in the emergence of IoT & how Continuous Development & Continuous Delivery are particularly well equipped for dealing with the demands of the connected device/software delivery dilemma.

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  1. What are the effects of the proliferating IoT that are causing immense changes and pressures to the software development environment surrounding it?
  2. How will software developers and technology communities support the emergence and successful rollout of new platforms and devices?
  3. How can our software delivery processes be automated and accelerated, to help reduce the risk and be free to keep pace with innovation?



Halie Noble, Acct Exec, Jr, Catapult PR

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