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SXSW Interactive 2016

Creating Real-Time Fan Content From Experiences

Today, content is not just about the story, but also about timeliness and distribution. In this session, we will discover the challenges and opportunities that brands should consider when creating experiences that fuel film content. From storytelling to real-time capture and editing to global distribution, the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola created and inspired a series of films across 90 different country visits over the course of 9 months. This session will use the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour as an example to deep-dive into the successes and failures of this effort.

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  1. How do you activate a global brand network to support a single experience’s film series?
  2. What are the key watch-outs when attempting to deliver real-time film content from a touring experiences to multiple countries and languages?
  3. How important is the role of distribution to the success of this content?



Stacy Verner, Content Mgr, ignition | Havas Sports & Entertainment

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