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SXSWedu 2016

Principles of Design: Not Another Makerspace Talk

Educators need to look for ways to prepare students for the "real world" – so why not allow the real world to serve as inspiration for school and classroom design? All schools can – and should – look beyond traditional classrooms (and makerspaces) to better facilitate learning.

This panel will explore successful ways to create an educational environment that fosters learning across every situation, subject, and grade, as well tips on overcoming challenges of the design process.

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  1. Understand the impact school & classroom design have on learning, and the benefits students receive from a non-traditional educational setting.
  2. Learn how – even with a small budget – educators can improve a school’s design to facilitate students’ learning and overall classroom experiences.
  3. Gain insight into what existing learning space designs have and have not worked well at Beaver, and understand the challenges of the design process.



Lisa Trask, Dir of Mktg, Beaver Country Day School

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