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The Golden & Rocky Path to WebRTC's Promised Land

As the popularity of live video communication escalates, so does the importance of creating an industry standard for live video. This panel will take a sober look at how WebRTC is seeking to create the gold standard that will make big advancements in the video communications world possible. Anyone with an interest in browser wars or the impact of the future of live video technology, should not miss this discussion.

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  1. What are the latest advancements made in the creation of a standard for live video communications in the browser?
  2. How are the major players in the browser space supporting WebRTC and how are they working together to successful deliver a groundbreaking standard like WebRTC?
  3. How will WebRTC radically improve the live video communication experience for developers and consumers?
  4. How can you take early advantage of WebRTC and still deliver great experiences to all your users?
  5. Who will be the winners and losers in a WebRTC-enabled world - and why?



Lauren Brockie, Marketing Manager, TokBox Inc

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