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Blogging is Dead: Long Live the Individual


The world of blogging as we once knew it is dead and gone. Independent websites run by single, mostly amateur individuals have given way to large internet media houses featuring re-blogged and syndicated content.
Where have the individual personalities gone? What happened to unfiltered content presented by non-professionals? This characteristic form of online information has largely transformed into short posts (tweets, comments, questions, answers, forum posts, wiki updates, etc) shared on large, external websites and social media platforms, which are now the most powerful (and in many cases, only viable) platforms for user-generated content.
Does this mean that high quality user-generated content tied to an influential online persona is a thing of the past? Hardly! Join user-generated content expert Simone Smith as she discusses how the individual is coming back to the world of UCG- and sharing work that is richer and more comprehensive than ever before.

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  1. Why is blogging dead?
  2. What happened to the individual?
  3. What has user-generated content evolved into?
  4. Is user-generated content undergoing a shift?
  5. How can you participate in the new wave of user-generated content?


  • Simone Smith, Head of Outreach, HubPages


Simone Smith, Head of Outreach, HubPages

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