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Surface to Strategy: The Hidden Power of Design

We live in a spreadsheet and technology driven world. If it doesn't fit into a tight category, we don't value it. Life has been divided into subcategories where people in one discipline don't speak to those in another. This way of thinking has a profound effect on issues as big as environmental decay, and as small as the discovery of the next game changing innovation. How do we introduce more holistic thinking into our lives and business? The answer is design. Design lives at the intersection of creativity and technology. It’s the application of scientific knowledge and creativity for practical purposes, in service of better outcomes. It's the way to manage the mystery often associated with the next big insight and innovation. From the iPad to our global transportation systems, this talk will offer ideas, tools, and methods for discovering the possibilities and opportunities inherent in the small and big challenges we face everyday.





Paddy Harrington, Executive Creative Director, Bruce Mau Design

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