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Design Make Go: MakerEd & Tech Integration

This session is participatory, interactive, and hands-on by design. Meant for novices and experts alike, be prepared to engage your heart, mind, and hands to explore the fundamentals of constructivism.

After an overview of the cultural and pedagogical contexts of making, participants will delve into concepts like tinkering, making thinking visible, human-centered design, and best practices for technology integration, followed by an opportunity for Q&A.

No makerspace? No Problem! The concrete, culturally responsive examples taken away can be used in any setting and budget.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop a greater understanding of the historical, cultural, and pedagogical contexts of making
  2. Explore specific ideas and activities for culturally responsive making in a variety of settings
  3. Discover ways to thoughtfully integrate technology to support making



Patrick Benfield, STEAM Dir, St Gabriel's Catholic School

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