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SXSWedu 2016

Modern Social Studies: New Standards, New Tools

Social studies education provides a framework in which to develop a student's role in society. It is woven into literacy, civics, geography, history, and current events and provides a foundation for how students understand the world. But, are today’s students making these connections? Eric Contreras, developer of NYC’s new social studies curriculum, hosts a discussion with educators and nonprofit content creators who are re-imagining the social studies landscape to make this powerful subject more relevant and accessible to students through modern resources. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the panelists and will receive supplemental materials and a list of resources.

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  1. Knowledge of a variety of resources to use in social studies classrooms, including standards-aligned tools and strategies and across curricula.
  2. How to support development of engaging tools and content that helps students connect social studies to their lives inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Understanding of new developments in teaching and learning social studies, including how teachers can maximize their time and existing resources.



Liz Gossens, Senior Associate, Communications Strategy Group

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