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Dr. Pepper: To Facebook - And Beyond!

Building a large fan base in social channels takes a huge amount of work, and a huge amount of creativity. And, once you have that fan base established, we must move users from social channels, into fully branded experiences.

This session will discuss how Code and Theory has mastered the art of driving engagement for Dr. Pepper - building an 8-figure fan base in just 15 months. How do they keep tens of thousands of Likes coming every single day?

So, what does Dr. Pepper do with all these Fans? Their integrated promotion strategy moves active, engaged users into their own branded websites for deeper experiences. This allows Dr. Pepper to learn more about their customers, and drive even more engagement by doing things you just can't do in social media - custom t-shirts, photomosaics, and user quotes directly on the website. These deeper experiences support the most passionate fans in ways that were never possible before.


  1. How do you build a Facebook Fan presence organically, and quickly?
  2. What do I do with my large Facebook Fan base or list of Twitter followers? How do I build deeper engagement than what the social channels have to offer?
  3. How have large brands maintained and continued to grow engagement on an ongoing basis?
  4. Why do users engage with brands, and how do we encourage this activity?
  5. How does social media reinforce the larger brand message, and how to we move beyond social channels?



Beth Kunzie, Sales Coordinator, Janrain

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