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Damn Downloads! Scoring Users Without a Feature

The question: How do you get your app in the hands of as many targeted consumers as possible? The unfortunate answer: Get featured by Apple or Android. It is no secret that the app market is oversaturated, making the challenge of attracting and maximizing downloads a lot trickier than simply getting your app into the store. And while getting featured is the Holy Grail of app marketing “tactics,” it isn’t something marketing strategists can always count on. So, how else can you increase visibility and drive downloads for your app – free and paid? In this session, mobile strategy and marketing experts will discuss different ways to develop an overarching app strategy that will help to not only drive downloads & users, but create an in and out-of-store mobile brand presence regardless of whether you are featured or not.


  1. What are the key things to do at launch to better an app’s chances of discoverability and visibility once live in the store?
  2. What are some other ways I can market my app (post launch) without a feature and on a limited budget? Are there more efficient routes of organic promotion than others? What are they?
  3. Apple, Google, Amazon – don’t they all just work the same way? What marketing tactics should apps be planning for on each platform?
  4. What paid acquisition strategies and tactics are the most effective? What have each of you found success with in your business/category?
  5. Each panelist here has a strong mobile presence in their respective industry. Looking back, what was the best non-feature tactic, or marketing decision that helped your app gain downloads/users?



Lauren Riefflin, PR Specialist, Zillow, Inc.

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