SXSW Interactive 2013

Doctors, Disasters & Smartphone Apps


Scientists are predicting that climate change will increase the severity and frequency of natural disasters occurring on our planet, making the need for quick, easy, and smart resources to aid in disaster recovery more crucial than ever. What are these apps? How are they helping response teams save lives? Are health and medical apps changing physician behaviors and quality of care in crisis situations?

Dr. Dan Diamond, director of the nation's first state-affiliated medical disaster response team, routinely relies on his smartphone and medical apps to treat patients across a wide spectrum of maladies during medical rescue missions. His stories of using medical apps in the trenches will demonstrate the importance of building better mobile products for physicians that can help save lives.

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  1. What do companies need to know to build better mobile products for physicians?
  2. What professional activities are physicians performing on their smartphones that helps them save lives?
  3. How has mobile technology changed the way medical disaster teams respond in crises?
  4. What have natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina or the 2010 Haiti earthquake taught us about the effectiveness of medical apps?
  5. How will mobile technology change the practice of medicine in 5 years?



Remy Schneider, Manager, PR & Communications, Epocrates, Inc

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