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SXSW Interactive 2013

Culture Hack: Libraries & Museums Open For Making

Around the world, libraries, archives and museums are opening their doors to hackers, makers, enthusiasts and creatives of all kinds. By publishing Open Data, cultural heritage institutions are finding new ways to open access to their collections for remix and reuse, and promote new uses and interpretations of the works they hold. These international panelists will explore the many ways in which cultural heritage institutions are sharing content, what people are doing with this content, as well as exploring some of the thornier issues of open access across borders and institutions.

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  1. How are cultural heritage institutions dealing with the questions of copyright and open data licensing
  2. What are people building with the content, data, and metadata that cultural heritage institutions are publishing
  3. Is this shift in engaging the public in institutional collections leading to new revenue opportunities either for the institutions or the general economy?
  4. How can my institution make our collections available as Open Data, who can we work with, and how do we find help?
  5. If I want to build a new app or project with data or content from my local library or museum, what's the best way to approach them and encourage them to let me do it?



Rachel Frick, Director, Digital Library Federation, Digital Library Federation

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  • Tags: culture
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: DIY, Hacker and Maker
  • Level: Intermediate
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