SXSW Interactive 2013

Super Fly Super Fans. Super Success Stories.

Join Rynda Laurel and Mayka Mei as they take you through superfan success stories for artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Linkin Park, Duran Duran, Matchbox Twenty, Skaist Taylor, The Afghan Whigs, and more. Working directly with superfans can be a challenge and a reward for both parties. We will look at multiple case studies and explore the ins-and-outs of successfully engaging with this dynamic group of fans.

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  1. How do I work with superfans and keep it legal?
  2. Presuming I can't meet all my superfans in person, how do I evaluate their skills?
  3. What can I trust a superfan to do?
  4. How can I reward a superfan for a job well done?
  5. What are some red flags to keep in mind while working with superfans?



Mayka Mei, Senior Strategist, Red Magnet Media

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  • Tags: fans
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Community and Activism
  • Track 2
  • Level: Intermediate
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