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SXSW Music 2013

Rogue Ticketing: Louis CK and LCD vs. Ticketmaster

In June 2012, Louis CK announced on Leno that he was self-ticketing his tour via his website only. Louis and like-minded artists want to bypass Ticketmaster, reduce fees, eliminate scalping and prevent fans from giving contact info to ticketing companies.

Despite his efforts, Louis CK didn’t actually sell tickets himself, but routed purchases through a less-known ticketing company, tickets were resold almost immediately, and fans were opted in to marketing emails.

LCD Soundsystem expressed similar anger toward Ticketmaster after tickets to their final MSG concert sold out and were scalped instantly. Did they have another viable ticketing option?

Artist ticketing and scalping are hot button topics, but is artist ticketing truly possible? Many venues have exclusives with ticketing giants, so acts opting to do their own ticketing face challenges. We'll talk with industry experts and a touring artist to compare using scalable, traditional ticketing companies vs. going rogue.

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  1. Are there viable options that currently exist for ticketing your own tour?
  2. As an artist, can you really prevent scalping and re-sellers? Did Louis manage to deliver on this promise?
  3. Is artist ticketing good or bad for venues?
  4. How do fee structures similar to Ticketmaster’s affect artists? Positively or negatively?
  5. What are the benefits of artist ticketing over traditional venue and promoter ticketing models?



Amy MIller, Community Manager/ Comedian, Ticketfly

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