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Building a Million-Dollar Business

Too many companies build a product, then wonder how to turn traffic into revenue.
If that's your plan, you've already lost.
I'll share real data on how I monetized my business -- including real test results and surprising insights.
We'll shatter myths (like the idea that you NEED to be on social media).
I'll also cover deeper positioning strategies that have allowed me to charge 100x my competition.
It'll be fun to share some of the insights we've learned from the IWT laboratory -- insights you can use to grow your own business, increase revenues, and leave your customers HAPPIER.


  1. Can you share your monetization results with the audience? (Yes, I will.)
  2. What do the big players know that they don't share publicly? (Yes, there are very specific techniques and approaches that the most successful monetization people know that others don't.)
  3. How do you start charging without alienating your users? How do you raise prices?
  4. Free vs. freemium vs. premium vs. low-priced products vs. high-priced products -- what works, when? Real test data from my testing laboratory.
  5. How do you go beyond basic A/B tests and delve into deep customer psychology and product positioning?



Ramit Sethi, Founder, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, Inc.

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