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Startup Accelerators: To DO Or Not To DO?

Developer Evangelist Tim Falls with SendGrid will talk about his experience with accelerators, briefly detail SendGrid and its journey from problem identification, ideation, founding team assembly, acceptance into TechStars, graduation, product maturation, subsequent rounds of funding, and growth to present day. From there, he'll define common accelerator / incubation frameworks, expand upon the good, the bad & the uncertain that startups should consider when evaluating accelerators, comment on the current state of the accelerator in the US and beyond (who's doing it right, who's doing it wrong?), explore the factors that startups should consider when evaluating their company's fit within the accelerator model, and finally provide tips and tricks for startups - both those that decide to pursue the accelerator path and those who don't.

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Nathan Hermes, PR Consultant, SendGrid

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