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Believe it or not, the US Government has been leading innovation efforts at the intersection of health and information technology. Bryan Sivak, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Chief Technology Officer, has been working to disrupt government through the adoption of innovative practices and forging new relationships between public and private sectors. Despite the rapid pace of health care transformation occurring today, there remains a need for innovation and HHS has been at the forefront of this activity. Find out what the emerging health care market looks like and how the government has been spurring innovation through its liberation of health data and work with businesses and innovators in the digital health space. Additionally find out how startups and entrepreneurs can get involved and spark innovation to improve the health care for all Americans. Come see how government is playing match-maker between health care marketplace needs and startup companies.

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  1. What is the role of government in health care innovation? Why is the government liberating vast amounts of data? How will business, innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups leverage health data to create web and mobile applications that will improve health care for consumers, communities and services providers.
  2. Where are the needs in the health care ecosystem and what type of applications/products can entrepreneurs and start-ups develop to address those needs?
  3. How do health start-ups bridge the gap with big companies to develop a sustainable business model? What companies should health start-ups be interacting with to grow?
  4. What opportunities are available from the Health and Human Services Department? What are challenges and why should I care?
  5. Where should we focus next when thinking about innovation in health care? What are some trends that have been identified that will need to be address now that government health data is being liberated?



Steven Randazzo, Special Expert, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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