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SXSW Music 2013

Music Subscription & Artist Revenue

Some of the most heated discussions in the music business surround the topic of subscription music , and the effect on the bottom line of the rights holder, artist and songwriter. One side of the aisle claim that on-demand streaming services cuts demand for higher margin physical or digital goods, while the other may counter that the combined growth trajectory of access models will surpass revenue of the traditional marketplace.

This panel will bring together representatives from leading subscription companies with artist managers and other rights holders that fall on all sides of the issue. The panel will add some clarity to the situation through thoughtful, spirited, dialog and presentation of metrics and other business cases.

This panel will be moderated by Antony Bruno, former Billboard tech columnist and community manager of the the digitalmusic.org music subscription working group.

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  1. Do subscription services impact sales of more traditional, higher margin goods?
  2. What effect does the availability of subscription services have on piracy?
  3. Is it possible for an artist or songwriter to create a sustainable living from subscription revenue?
  4. Is "windowing" a release really a good idea? (Windowing is the idea where higher media is released on different service types in a prioritized manner over time.)
  5. What is the projected growth of the subscription business and how will this effect the above?



William Wilson, VP, Digital Strategy & Biz Dev, digitalmusic.org

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