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SXSW Interactive 2013

Sourcing a Screw Informs Content Supply Chain

Today content a critical component of enterprise value. It's a key differentiator for brands that know how to source, create and distribute it effectively. Yet, few organizations apply the rigor of the supply chain discipline to the sourcing, creation, logistics, management, distribution and measurement of its content value. Companies that source raw materials for the manufacturing process apply granular discipline at every point in the supply chain and constantly seek ways to improve logistics and workflow, cut costs, find new competitive advantage, and get to market more effectively. This same approach applies to the content supply chain, which McKinsey estimates has a sunk cost of tens of millions of dollars in CPC, OEMs and technology companies. Panelists will discuss real world issues in putting a content supply chain methodology in place and give practical tips for each of the five basic steps of of content supply chain:
Input, Creation, Management, Distribution and Measurement.

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  1. What are the common content pain points that a content supply chain methodology will cure?
  2. What are the basic steps in creating a content supply chain?
  3. What is the organizational structure that optimizes content creation?
  4. How do I overcome cultural and territorial issues in putting a content supply chain in place?
  5. How do I rationalize the use of multiple platforms and systems for content management?


  • Kathy Baughman, President & Co-founder, ComBlu
  • Ekaterina Walter, Sr. Social Media Strategist, Intel
  • David C. Edelman, Global co-Leader, Digital Marketing and Sales Practice, McKinsey & Company


Pam Flores, Senior Consultant, ComBlu

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