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Mobile Payments Innovation: If You Build It…

Mobile payments are creating a new innovation battlefield for customer engagement, with companies fighting to offer consumers a way to pay and drive retail loyalty with their smartphones. Mobile-payment transactions are expected to exceed $600B worldwide by 2016, up from $172B in 2012. Consumers are confused about how to choose between the functionality and security offered by the different market entrants. As our moderator, author Chuck Martin, wrote in The Third Screen: “M-commerce is not just about using the phone to pay for something. It is about revolutionizing the entire buying process, from product research all the way through transaction, based on location.” Panelists from Bank of America, MasterCard, and a third major payments provider will debate what the Customer of the Future wants when it comes to shopping, paying, and saving; how providers are looking beyond payments to add value across the buying lifecycle; and how they’re working to overcome barriers to adoption.

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Peter Osborne, SVP, Communications Executive, Bank of America

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