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SXSW Film 2015

The Battery: the success behind a $6'000 movie

The Battery, with a budget of only $6'000, is a US indie genre film directed by Jeremy Gardner that became a wide success after having been picked up by an international sales agent after a screening at a small festival in France. The film has since been sold to all the major territories. The film makers will discuss their production process, from financing to sales, the problems they encountered during filming and postproduction, the do's and dont's in distribution and how the festivals helped their film to get established.

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  1. How did you finance your movie, what format did you shoot on and what would you do differently the next time in terms of production?
  2. Once the film was completed, did you immediately contact sales agents and distributors?
  3. Don't you think you could have done sales and distribution yourself? Why didn't you and did you explore digital distribution?
  4. How long did it take from the moment of the pick up by the sales agent up to the signature of the contract and are you happy with the results and the collaboration?
  5. How long was The Battery's festival run and did it really help the film?



Annick Mahnert, Acquisitions Consultant, Screen Division

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  • Tags: production
  • Event: Film
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Case Study
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  • Level: Beginner
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