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SXSW Interactive 2015

College Football 3.0: 1:1 with Baylor's Art Briles

In 2013, the Baylor Bears completed one of the most remarkable transformations in college football. They went from two decades as a southwest also-ran to the brink of a national title -- champions of the Big 12 Conference for the first time in four decades. The architect of one of the greatest turnarounds in the history of college football was Art Briles, a Texas high school football coaching savant turned college offensive genius turned standard-setting visionary for how to reinvent a program and lead a football team. Join Briles and USA TODAY Sports’ George Schroeder for a wide- ranging discussion about strategic disruption in college football, both in Briles' own Baylor program and beyond -- from expectations and Xs-and-Os to administration and culture to recruiting and the new playoff race, Briles will reflect on his convention-upending coaching career and look ahead to what’s next.

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  1. The transformation you created at Baylor is widely considered one of the great turnaround jobs in college football history. What were the first steps you took after you accepted the job in order to start that transformation?
  2. Let’s stay on the culture change: How much of it was philosophical? How much of it was psychological? How much of it was administrative? How do you take a finite resource – time – and divide it by the million things that have to get done, seemingly simultaneously?
  3. What is an example of a seemingly “little thing” that you changed that might have had larger symbolic or even actual consequences?
  4. A lot of people have heard of the concepts of “hurry up” and “no huddle,” but you have taken this to a seemingly radical extreme – for the average fan, what are the core principles, and can you offer any tips for fans watching at home for little details they might want to look for that would make watching more interesting?
  5. You took a leap from high school coaching to college to the top of college and made it look almost easy – if you were scheming against your offense, what would YOU do?



Mark Pesavento, VP, Digital Strategy, USA TODAY Sports/Gannett

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