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SXSW Film 2015

Building Buzz at the Box Office

Resourceful filmmakers and smart studios have leveraged the power of social media to introduce their films to huge box office numbers. This panel will reveal best practices in using the hottest social platforms and top social media influencers to build buzz and drive ticket sales. Moderated by Fandango’s social media guru Dana Robinson, the panel brings together insiders from Facebook, Twitter, the studios and social media influencers to address word-of-mouth social campaigns, the latest movie marketing tools, fan engagement mechanisms and instant movie reviews and ratings from consumers.

Dana Robinson, Director of Social Media Marketing, Fandango

Jennifer Prince, Head of Entertainment, Twitter
Kay Madati, Head of Entertainment & Media, Facebook
Danielle De Palma, SVP, Digital Marketing, Lionsgate
Rebecca Woolf, blogger/influencer, Girl’s Gone Child

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  1. What is your current social strategy for building buzz around your upcoming movie?
  2. What is your approach to creating digital content that increases visibility for your movie?
  3. Do you use different social platforms to reach different audiences? What is your approach to each platform and/or each audience segment?
  4. What are your tactics for promoting a movie on the mainstream social platforms, i.e. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? And what about newer platforms, such as SnapChat or Vine?
  5. What do you consider when working with influencers on big releases? Social footprint? Demographic fit? And as an influencer, what do you consider when working with big brands and sponsored posts?


  • Dana Robinson, Director, Social Media Marketing, fandango


Harry Medved, PR Director, Fandango

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