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SXSW Interactive 2015

My Hair Out-hyped My Personal Brand: Lessons in CX

Two things to know: 1) I have awesome hair. It's true. People tell me how awesome it is all the time. Everywhere. They shout across streets. And, from cars. They come up to me in bars. I have fans. Rabid fans. 2) Definition of "HYPE" (verb) 1. promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits. // My hair is over-adored, over-discussed and definitely over-hyped. Most probably don't think of this as a problem. But, I'm a marketer/advertiser who spends all day advocating for loyalty-driving customer experience. Authenticity is kinda my thing. It would be absurd to say my hair taught me the most important lesson I've learned about advertising. I've been doing this for 15 years. But, it did make things I've learned previously much more personal. And, it framed up some lessons in customer experience in a different way that might be able to teach us all something.

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  1. Why is customer experience important?
  2. What are the implications of great/poor customer experience design?
  3. What does authenticity have to do with experience design?
  4. Is personal branding over-hyped?
  5. In advertising, does how you look really impact success?


  • Jennifer Chiang, VP, Strategic Planning, Customer Experience, FCB


Jennifer Chiang, VP, Strategic Planning, Customer Experience, FCB

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  • Tags: advertising
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Branding and Marketing
  • Level: Intermediate
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