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SXSW Interactive 2013

Mythbusting: Engineering a Viral Video

No matter how you do the math, there’s no ROI on a video that doesn’t get any views. So you just have to make your video go ‘viral’, right? But counting on a video to go viral effortlessly is not so different from planning your income from the returns of lottery scratch tickets. Virality on YouTube is often misunderstood and myths abound. When a video is engineered properly, it will drive views, amplify content sharing, and turn on widespread community interaction.
In this nuts-and-bolts session the author of Video Marketing for Dummies, the agency behind viral successes like Dollar Shave Club and a CEO at one of the world’s largest banks offer a look behind the scenes of recent video hits. Two short presentations plus a discussion cover the manageable variables of the viral video equation – and the unmanageable ones. The variables discussed include content planning, metadata, seeding, humor, production, community, social, analytics and YouTube management.

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  1. What constitutes a viral video? Just the number of views? We take apart the entire equation. Which variables are manageable and which aren't?
  2. Content planning: Does a viral video always have to be funny? We go into the science of how humans react to video and the analytics involved with finding the right content for the right audience.
  3. Can't buy me love: It is possible to seed a viral video? How would it be done and what are the approximate costs? Can I estimate the social media response to the video beforehand?
  4. Production matters: How do I script and produce viral videos? Does professional talent matter or can I use (or abuse) my existing personnel?
  5. Beyond viral: Can you create a sustainable, planable pipeline of video success? What do marketers have to do differently than media outlets when using video?



Rob Ciampa, VP Sales & Marketing, Pixability

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