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Defining the Next Generation Retail Experience

According to pundits everywhere, traditional retail as we know it is dying a slow, painful death. Where there were once thousands of department stores across the United States, traditional retailers are now bankrupt and consolidating their brick and mortar presence into a few dozen stores. When you walk into a department store today, could you say with confidence that you are living in 2014 rather than 1994? There is no question that the retail industry has a lot of catching up to do. How can retailers change the way they think about the traditional retail experience?
A new generation of retail innovators have entered the picture, and are completely changing the way consumers think about shopping. In this panel, Sephora’s CMO Julie Bornstein will moderate a conversation with Katrina Lake, Founder & CEO of Stitch Fix and Jennifer Hyman, Co-Founder & CEO of Rent the Runway to discuss their unique approaches to retail and what retailers can do to innovate and bring their customers back.

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  1. Why has traditional brick and mortar retail been in decline over the the past decade?
  2. Why have certain new retail concepts taken off where others have failed?
  3. What do you see as the next big trends in retail and e-commerce?
  4. How can big brands who have seen declining sales and store traffic turn around their business or introduce new tools and technologies?
  5. Should retailers be doubling down on e-commerce properties, or are there other opportunities to create a delightful experience for their customers?



Erin First, PR Manager, Stitch Fix

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