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SXSW Interactive 2013

Search, Social, and Content (SSC) - The New SEO

SEO is dead; you've heard it before (at SXSW 2012 perhaps). You've heard that 'social' is the new SEO. Then, why is it so hard to establish a socialized content marketing program that delivers the ROI of a focused SEO effort?
Enter Rackspace Hosting, a pioneer in the 'cloud computing and hosting' industry which competes with corporate giants IBM, Amazon, and Google among many others. Rackspace has won and established digital relevance on 'cloud computing'. This panel will explore Rackspace's accomplishments over time and highlight its recent success on its new (but old) category, 'web hosting' through this new social seo content (SSC) marketing medium.
Spanning where to begin, how to create socialized topic models, how to build communities, to analyzing progress and tracking results, this panel will share unique, one-step-ahead success story and provide answers and guidance for any B2B marketer trying to outflank competitors who have for more resources at their disposal.

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  1. How can a company like Rackspace, a fraction the size of its competitors, dominate its categories online?
  2. From an SEO standpoint, both strategically and tactically, how can social and SEO clearly work together in a technical, b2b setting?
  3. What are best practices for leveraging content for social marketing efforts?
  4. SEO is tough to track and measure, and social is even harder. How can the two be tracked and measured as one channel working together in unison over time and what type of technology does this require (if any)?
  5. Why is SEO not completely socialized yet today, and how will truly socialized websites be the new wave for inbound marketing?



Patrick Davis, Enterprise Account Executive, Slingshot SEO

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