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SXSW Music 2015

Controlling Content & Digital Distribution

A targeted discussion on the evolving issues over control and management of content distribution. We will discuss industry hot topics relating to the migration of content to the hands of new players as well as large entities that historically were not content creators (Apple, Google, YouTube, Netflix) and the resulting effects it has on the content ecosystem. We will discuss how independent content creators are building and harnessing the power of their content and brand in ways that could never be possible in the recent past. Discussion will also assess how the variations in pricing of digital goods across different platforms affects content distribution, the benefits (or lack thereof).

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  1. What are the conditions, tools and technologies shifting the tide of control back to content creators?
  2. What methods or tactics are content owners without their own distribution networks using to maximize revenue through digital distribution networks (think comedians like Louis C.K., etc.)?
  3. Does an increase in distribution networks benefit content creators by increasing exploitative opportunities or harm content creators in their quest for an audience of critical mass?
  4. How does the market entry of digital distributors as content producers (Netflix; VICE) affect the content creation market and landscape for creators that do not own their distribution networks?
  5. Should content owners restrict the distribution of their content to only distribution networks controlled by the content owner(s)? What is the future of the music and entertainment business movin



Julianna Young, Artist Relationships, Lyynks Music

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