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What's Up, DOC? Social Engagement in Disasters

Dell and American Red Cross will present a case study about their collaboration to create a social engagement center dedicated to humanitarian relief. Panelists from both Red Cross and Dell will share the strategies, best practices, challenges, and opportunities when a big organization commits to listening, connecting, digitally hugging and acting on social conversations during emergencies.

Dell set the gold standard for social engagement after Dell Hell. With their Command Center, training program, and philanthropic flair, they funded and guided the development of the Red Cross Digital Operations Center (DigiDOC). The Red Cross was looking for a way to scale up during disasters, to decipher the actionable data from everything else, and to give the public a seat at the table of diaster operations. Together, they've taken the best practices from Dell and applied them to the Red Cross mission. We'll explain how we did it and how you can join the project.




Wendy Harman, Director of Social Strategy, American Red Cross

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